My Story


Hi, it's lovely to meet you, my name is Sevil.

I'm a Nutritionist & Coach and help people worldwide with online coaching & in person.

I'm currently based in Merimbula & offer free consultations to start your journey.


The Path that took me to where i am today, started a little like yours.

I was over-exercising, under eating and not eating the right foods for my particular body. Extreme restrictions quickly resulted in binging.

The biggest problem was that i suffered from an unhealthy mind, not realising the toxic effect all this was having on me.

My Transformation

The Nutrition Journey started for me when i got into bodybuilding a long time ago.

Noticing how Nutrition changed not only my physique but also my mindset, I realised along with a healthy mind, daily physical movement, strong social, family, spiritual and community connections, comes the base of all health – Nutrition.

The Present


This resulted in following my dream & graduate in Nutrition & Sports Nutrition.

And so it has become my passion to help & inspire people around the globe with individualised healthy balanced lifestyles that works for you, so you can start living your best life, feeling positive, energetic and alive just like I did for myself.  

You are the best investment you can ever make and you deserve it right!?

Are you ready to start feeling healthy and alive?

Lets go do this together.

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Merimbula, Australia