My Story


The Path that took me to where i am today, started a little like yours.

Although i never had to struggle with being overweight,

i struggled a lot with being too skinny and my health.

I was obsessing over hitting numbers and grew distant from food.

Instead of quality it became quantity and my life started to spiral down.

My true transformation, was when my thinking changed.

My Transformation

Looking back, it was quite difficult for me to admit,

that i was unhealthy & had no curves or flow to my body.

I was malnourished, unhappy and obsessed but i didn't wanna know about it.

I used to actually believe, i had a womanly shape,

until the day, somebody burst that bubble.

That day, I realized, what i was doing to my body.

I was too skinny, miserable and mentally exhausted.

Not to mention friendships & relationship suffered besides other things.

Everything changed that day. I knew i had to reset my mind. 


My Happiness

I stopped the excessive cardio, focused on quality foods and

started to lift weights regularly.

The struggle was real but i stayed focused on my goal.

Not long after eating right, i started to feel amazing &

health problems improved dramatically.

I learned and educated myself in all aspects of nutrition and fitness.

The fire was lit and my passion for health and bodybuilding was born.

My knowledge had become my virtue and i was helping friends and family.

I wanted to do more and help more people, so....

It was clear to me - I wanted to become a nutritionist.

The Present

Today, i can proudly say that, I'm a certified nutritionist &

qualified in Nutrition  & Sports Nutrition.

But most importantly, I am happy, content and healthy.


Besides the amazing knowledge this journey has given me,

it gave me something much more precious.

Self Respect, Self Love and my Health.

Just by simply eating right and nurturing my body with nature's gift.

It's a very powerful tool and often underestimated.

Every day is a blessing because i can help people that struggle, just like i did.

I truly believe that with the right guidance & nutrition,

anyone can live a happier and healthier life. 

I want to share my knowledge, connect with amazing people and help you be

a better version of yourself.

I look forward to meeting you and help you to your success.

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Merimbula, Australia